OMR 2024
International Exhibition and Conference
for Shipbuilding and Equipment and Technologies
for Development of the Arctic and Continental Shelf
St. Petersburg, Russia
On September 13−16, in St. Petersburg with the coordinating role of the Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Russian Academy of Sciences, an international exhibition and conference on shipbuilding and designing of high-tech equipment for the Arctic and continental shelf development "OMR 2022" was held in accordance with the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation. Leading Russian companies involved in the development of the continental shelf and the implementation of large oil and gas projects, representatives of the government and science gathered at the same platform to discuss the most important aspects of the Arctic development.

OMR 2022 is a unique platform which allows its participants to meet potential business partners, discuss opportunities for cooperation, and obtain up-to-date information on offshore and shipbuilding industries in Russia and in the world.
The agenda of the Forum comprises the most important issues for realization of global energy projects in the Arctic and on the shelf: exchange of high technology, reducing environmental risks, development of competence and strengthening of partnership relations.
OMR 2022 demonstrated the current trends of offshore oil & gas infrastructure development: shipping and shipbuilding, offshore oil & gas production, navigation and communications, industrial and environmental safety and more.
OMR 2022 will be held jointly with St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.
OMR 2022 gathered over 8000 specialists of the industry — representatives of the offshore and service companies, governmental authorities, scientific community to share their expertise in offshore operations, technology support and development of complex facilities on the shelf. - генеральный информационный партнёр выставки и конференции OMR 2022

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St. Petersburg, Russia
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