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The Arctic - a territory of advanced development

The event brought together Russia’s leading companies active in developing the continental shelf and implementing large oil and gas projects, government representatives, and scientists to discuss the most important aspects of the Arctic development.

The plenary session discussed the strategic goals and objectives of shipbuilding and engineering and technological support for the developing of hydrocarbon resources in Russia’s Arctic and continental shelf.
Talks on the main results of the companies' work and objectives and activities related to the current strategic challenges in the Arctic were given by Oleg Aksyutin, deputy chair of the board for Gazprom; Maxim Kulinko, deputy director of the Directorate of the Northern Sea Route and director of the Department for the Development of the Northern Sea Route and Coastal Territories of the Rosatom State Corporation; Oleg Andreev, deputy head of the Production Department of Gazprom; Vasily Boytsov, deputy CEO for innovative and technological development of United Shipbuilding Corporation; Alexey Oryshchenko, general director of Kurchatov Institute and Prometey Central Research Institute of Structural Materials; and Tatyana Russkova, minister of Arctic and economic development of Murmansk Oblast. The plenary session was moderated by Mikhail Grigoryev, a member of the Scientific Council under the Security Council of Russia and director of Gekon.
At the end of the session, an award ceremony was held for the winners and laureates of the International Competition for Scientific, Research, Technology, and Innovative Solutions Aimed at Developing and Exploring the Arctic and the Continental Shelf, supported by the Government of Russia.

The OMR forum is held under the Ordinance of the Government of Russia dated March 1, 2014 (No. 294-р) and the directive by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak (No. АН-П51−6930 dated April 26, 2022) and is coordinated by the Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The event sees active participation from leading Russian companies involved in developing the continental shelf and implementing major oil and gas projects. In 2022, OMR joined the Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum.

The event enjoys the support of:
General sponsor: Gazprom
Roundtable sponsor: Gazprom Neft Shelf
Sponsor for the Arctic and Marine Medicine roundtable: Medplant
Sponsor for the Youth Session: Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
The official news agency for the event is the Federal News Agency.