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New topics of the Offshore Marintec Russia business program have been announced

October 7-10, 2014, the first Russian specialised exhibition Offshore Marintec Russia dedicated to development of continental shelf infrastructure will take place in Saint-Petersburg. An interest to the event from the industrial society has become a reason to expand its business program.
Offshore Marintec Russia Conference will start its work with a Plenary session, which is scheduled for October 8. The program committee has approved six sessions topics currently. Meeting of experts will be devoted to modern trends of the continental shelf in terms of scientific, technical, economic and environmental aspects.
Prospects and possibilities of strategic oil and gas projects of Russian continental shelf will be discussed at the session "Priority oil and gas projects on the shelf of Russia".
The session "Creating a modern fleet for the development of the Arctic continental shelf of Russia" will focus on the development of Arctic marine industry and modern approaches to marine transportation of hydrocarbons.
The session "Advanced technologies and equipment for construction of offshore oil and gas production structures and vessels" will present the latest engineering and scientific research, advanced experience of shipbuilding and repair for the shelf and modern navigation systems, communications and information support of offshore operations.
Issues of state regulation in offshore projects, legal support of the offshore and investment attractiveness of Russia's shelf will be discussed at the "Economic and regulatory support development of the continental shelf. Russian and international practice".
Life safety, emergency prevention and response, environmental responsibility are essential to the successful development of the Arctic continental shelf. In this regard, it was decided to include in the business program two sessions: "Emergency management in the Arctic and on the continental shelf" and "Insurance by oil and gas resources development in the Arctic and on the continental shelf".
These and other relevant issues will be presented at the Offshore Marintec Russia Exhibition. The event will present the advanced technology and equipment for offshore shipbuilding, engineering and design development, repair technology and restoration works.
The leading companies: Gasflot, United Shipbuilding Enterprises company Krylovskiy State Scientific Center, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Marine navigation systems, marine engineering, electrical appliance CRI, Valcom, Vitena, Geser, Marimetr and many others will take part in the event. Foreign participation will be represented by national pavilions of Korea, China, Denmark, Norway and other countries.
The international conference and exhibition on shipbuilding and infrastructure related to the Russian Continental Shelf has received the support of key Russian authorities: Energy, Trade, Natural Resources, Economic Development, Foreign Affairs and Transport.